3 stars hotel Naples Italy | THE FRESH GLAMOUR ACCOMMODATION

The 3-star hotel in Naples Italy,an unique experience in to the atmosphere of the old town near the ZTL in Naples historical center, miles and low prices for a holiday or just an overnight stay in Naples in the historical center experience to live with your partner or family during the bridges, holidays or everyday.

Excellent service and privileged, central location for our new hotel that offers exceptional rates of 3-star hotel but the prices really low and accessible to all, perhaps the lowest prices in the historic center of Naples.

Modern and new THE FRESH GLAMOUR ACCOMMODATION combines its unique and central position, from nap10where, in a few moments, let you reach in a short time, the best location, points of interest most important historical / cultural Naples.

Let’s talk about the National Museum, the Decumani in Naples, Spaccanapoli, via the courts, the cathedral and St. Gregorio Armeno, these routes can be viewed and accessed from near The Fresh enabling you to sleep in the historic center of Naples and visit all attractions this .

There are many, all neighboring advice and live in a very understanding a vacation in Naples, under the careful suggestions of our staff and maybe come back during the Christmas holidays so that you can fully enjoy the unique stalls of the shepherds and the exhibition of cribs that will be present in the way of shepherds San Gregorio Armeno in Naples during Christmas, a destination must for all tourists, both Italian and foreign.

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