Hotel close to Piazza del Gesù Naples | THE FRESH GLAMOUR ACCOMMODATION

The Piazza del Gesù, which takes its name from the church GESU ​​’NUOVO contained therein, is located in the Lower Decumano and in their midst stands the obelisk of the Immaculate, huge marble structure consists of a spire of white marble. This square as you can see from a table affixed UNESCO, is world heritage site.piazza_del_gesu_napoli

The Fresh, glamor Accommodation in Naples, is located just 200 meters from this beautiful square that revolve around important monuments: on this sides there are two monuments, have been converted into high schools: the palace of CONGREGATIONS (Genovesi high school) and the building Professa (high school Eleonora Pimentel Fonseca), and the Church of the Poor Clares, Pandola palace and palace Pignatelli di Monteleone.



Staying with us, in our small hotel with 6 rooms, will allow you to achieve these monuments located around the corner as well as the Monastery of Santa Chiara other important church just behind THE FRESH Naples.

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