Hotel nearby the Spanish quarter of Naples | THE FRESH GLAMOUR ACCOMMODATION

Not far from the Spanish neighborhoods of Naples, the historical part of the city of Naples, the districts of Montecalvario and Advocate, in the area of Naples, is only a 5 minute walk to Via Roma. In fact located at the back of this road.
Every visitor is always very apprehensive about visiting these areas as they carry a reputation as a dangerous place, and unreliable, where you should look at is to be very careful if they are to visit.quartieri-spagnoli
They are one thousand streets, low (where people in these small apartments placed at the level of the road there lives) shops and stores, small taverns and the life that flows naturally as if the Spanish quarters were completely different dimension and reality Naples.

Born in the sixteenth century and served as a place of welcome for the Spanish militias who were present in Naples to suppress any rebellion of the Neapolitan people. Became a place poorly attended and dangerous place where prostitutes and soldiers Spaniards we spent time even if prohibited by the viceroy with a series of amendments. They were always a large logo of degradation and social difficulties.

Nowadays, things have improved considerably and walk around and visit with complete peace of mind is really simple and easy. Not far from THE FRESH GLAMOUR ACCOMMODATION, there is also the stop of the new metro line 1 TOLEDO.