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The long road Mezzocannone that intersects with the Corso Umberto I from the bottom and Piazza San Domenico Maggiore Piazzetta Nilo from Upper, was named because the fountain located in the middl was called Mezzocannone. But nowadays this fountain, built by Alfonso II, Duke of Calabria, no longer exists.

Today, the road via Mezzocannone is the location of the major University of Naples, you can reach some: libraries , publishers and printers, and the most historic publishing “De Frede”.

The University main historical and attended by many students who also come from the neighboring provinces along this long lane are: University of Naples Federico II, University Federico II Palace of Arts Palace, University Federico II of Biotechnology, Palace of the Mineralogical Museum of Science (Biotechnology Branch office) Palazzo Saluzzo di Corigliano (home to the L’Orientale) and  Palace Giusso (elsewhere University L’Orientale) on top is the church of Sant’Angelo to the Nile, near Piazza Nilo.mezzocannone

Near major universities and via Mezzocannone, a few minutes walk you will find our cozy and modern hotel, suitable for both students and teachers being settled with the UNINA NAPLES.
It has 6 rooms, free wi fi and private bathroom with shower. A few minutes from the city center and only 200 meters from the nearby Piazza del Gesù is located in Via Donnalbina number 7 (Angle via Monteoliveto).

Cheap hotel for students, and valid accommodation for conferences and congresses near the main seat of the University of Naples. The best alternative, given the excellent quality / price ratio, the 4-star hotels near Piazza Municipio and Via Medina.

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