The Fresh Glamour Accommodation is a brand new boutique hotel in the new minimalist style that’s very sought after right in the historic center of Naples on via Donnalbina,7 ( at the corner of Monteoliveto), on the first floor. Literally steps away from Piazza del Gesù and Spaccanapoli- the pulsating heart of the historic center of Naples- at the corner of via Medina where the Central Police Station sits and in front of Piazza Diaz.

The Fresh, Napoli centro storico is in the class of exclusive, chic hotels designed for a young, dynamic clientele that seeks not only comfort and relaxation but also a sleek modern place to stay with fresh new construction and modern, captivating accents decidely different than the rooms of the old Neopolitan standards.

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In an instant you’ll find yourself in the Spanish Quarter and Via Roma, the preeminent shopping district of Naples; not far from our hotel and without great difficulty, you can reach more shopping at the Galleria Principe Umberto and grab a caffè at Piazza Trieste and Trento. You’ll aslo find nearby the Teatro San Carlo, the opera house of Naples and the Palazzo Reale; and if you need it, hydrofoil embarkation for the islands at Port Beverello. All these points of interest strategically located within minutes of The Fresh.

Favorable and centrally located in the historic center of Naples, you will find how easy and exciting it is to start your tour of historic Naples without losing a moment in transit from The Fresh. There are several important monuments and sights not to be unseen in the historic Neopolitan center.

The Decumani, Spaccanapoli, pizzerie and restaurants in the historic center, subterranean Naples, the National Museum, San Gregorio Armeno, Via dei Tribunali, the Duomo of Naples, San Domenico Maggiore Church, the Santa Chiara Monument Complex, San Severo Chapel.

An ideal decision for the businessman in Naples who needs accomodations during business travel. The Fresh is centrally located to important universities, the central police station, the Office of Revenue and right in front of the Central Post Office. Moving about for business from The Fresh will be easy and convenient.